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Precautions for installing cable glands

Apr 29, 2022

The function of the cable glands

Cable glands (usually called cable cable joints, stress release, cable connectors, or cable connectors) are devices designed to connect and fix cable end-to-device. It is made of various plastic, steel, brass, and industrial aluminum. The cable glands prevent the gonads from dripping or water pressure, including synthetic rubber or other types of elastic sealing. Some types of cable glands can also prevent flames from entering the device shell for electrical equipment in dangerous areas. If you want the cable glands to work usually, you should pay attention to the following points when installing:

Internal semiconductor shielding processing of cable glands

Anyone who has an internal shielding layer if the cable body must restore the internal shielding layer of the cable connector part of the conductor part when making a cable connector. The internal semiconductor shielding of the cable must be left to make a part of the cable connection head shield on the connected pipe. Connect to ensure the continuity of the internal semiconductor so that the field strength of the cable gland is evenly distributed.

The treatment of the external semiconductor shield installed by the cable glands

External semiconductor shielding is a semiconductor material that affects the effect of the uniform electric field in the insulation of cables and cable glands. It plays a significant role in cables and cable glands like the internal semiconductor shielding. The external semiconductor port must be neat and uniform, and also requires a smooth transition with the insulation, and adds to semiconductor bands in the cable gland and semiconductor shielding connectors.

Metal shielding and grounding processing installed on the cable gland

The role of metal shielding in cables and cable glands is mainly used to transmit cable failure short-circuit currents and the electromagnetic interference of the electromagnetic field to the nearby communications equipment. The metal shielding in the running state is in good potential in a good ground state. After that, it has the ability to transmit short-circuit current in a short time. The ground wire should be reliable to weld. The metal shielding and armor bands on the box and cables on both ends of the box cable should be reliable.

Sealing and mechanical protection of cable glands

Sealing and mechanical protection of cable glands are the guarantees of ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the joint. Water and moisture should be prevented from penetrating the cable glands. In addition, the joint protection slot should be built in the joint position or installed cement protective box.

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