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Why do you need Cable Glands?

Sep 29, 2022

What is cable gland?

Cable glands are "mechanical cable entries" that attach to the ends of cables to secure them to any equipment. They are also commonly referred to as cable connectors, cable splices, wire clips or cable strain reliefs.


Cable glands are essential for terminating cables in harsh or hazardous areas where sealing and ingress protection are required. These are important for electrical equipment and switchgear as they provide stress relief and can also be attached to the aluminium jacket or armour of the cable.


As a mechanical cable entry, cable glands can be made of metallic or non-metallic materials. Cable glands are required in many industries that use them in conjunction with cables and wiring used in electrical instrumentation and automation systems. They are used for all available sizes and types of cables. Its main function is to safely pass pipes, wires or cables through the enclosure. However, they also need to protect electrical components from flames that can occur in hazardous areas.


Purpose of using cable glands:

As mechanical accessories, they form part of an electrical installation. They are used to strengthen the connection of cables to the electrical equipment to which they are connected. They protect:


1. The equipment entrance and exit are dustproof

2. Twist from the connection point to the device

These glands are suitable for all types of power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunication cables. As sealing and termination devices, they ensure that the properties of the enclosure into which the cable enters are properly maintained.


What kind of protection do cable gland offer?

– They provide grounding, grounding, bonding, insulation and strain relief.


– They seal cables passing through bulkheads or gland plates.


– They protect against external contaminants such as dirt, dust or liquids and contain sparks or flames.


– Prevent the cable from being pulled or twisted within the confines of the cable gland.


Why need cable glands?

For cable management, cable glands serve a variety of functions to protect connected cable equipment.


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What is cable gland used for?

Cable glands can be made of metallic or non-metallic materials (or a combination of the two) that al

What is cable gland?

Cable glands​ are circular mechanical cable entry fittings used to secure cables and wires entering

How to install Cable Glands?

How to install Cable Glands?Installation of Cable Glands depends on the type of joints you use, but

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