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What is ATEX Cable Glands?

Sep 08, 2022

What is ATEX Cable Glands?


ATEX Cable glands are intended for universal use covering all explosion protective techniques Ex-e, Ex-d, Ex-tb, Ex-tc, Ex-n. Suitable for operation in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, and Zone 22 Areas.


Bolun cable gland's range of Explosion-proof & Flameproof cable glands (ATEX cable glands) are accepted world-wide. With more than 15 years of experience of this field, we can provide you full technical support & information to insure safe installation of the device.


Flameproof Enclosures

If an Ex "d" gland (compression) clamped by a sealing ring is used with a braided or armored cable, it shall be suitable for braided or armored with interruptions in the gland and compression of the inner cable covering. For diameter For fine braided cables less than 0.15 mm, at least 70% compression of the outer covering is permitted.


Flameproof cable glands, as well as adapters or blanking assemblies with parallel threads, may install a gasket between the inlet fitting and the flameproof compartment, provided that the applicable thread engagement is achieved after the gasket is installed. A minimum of five complete threads is called thread engagement. Considering that it is non-sealing, non-metallic and non-flammable, the relevant grease should be used. A proper grounding should be maintained between the two. If tapered threads are used, the connection should be wrench tight.


Increased Safety

For safety-enhancing devices, a minimum degree of protection of IP%$ is required. It is necessary to provide a seal between the cable gland and the device to meet this requirement. For example, a gasket or thread sealant can be used. Additional entry and grounding or connection considerations are required when cable glands are installed into non-metallic compartments, metal compartments with painted finishes, or compartments with unthreaded clearance holes. You can refer to the serrated washers, ground lugs, sealing washers and locknut assemblies shown in the catalog.


Protection from Deluge Ingress

In offshore installations, equipment is often located near emergency flood systems. Equipment certified for use in hazardous areas is not suitable for these locations. The test procedure for the electrical equipment to be installed depends on the Deluge System, also known as DTS01, prepared by the Explosion and Fire Hazard Group (ITS), ERA Technologies in conjunction with Shell UK Exploration and Production Ltd


ATEX cable glands can be used indoors and outdoors in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas. They are designed to be used with armored or unarmored cables, providing a combined fire and environmental seal on the cable outer jacket. They are usually installed in metal Ex-e enclosures or as safety cable entries for electrical ATEX equipment.


Bolun cable gland produced single compression and double compression types, armored and non-armored types.


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