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Features and functions of waterproof cable gland

Jun 06, 2022

Watertight cable glands are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the waterproof cable glands itself are the primary consideration in selecting the waterproof cable glands. Proper selection and use of waterproof cable glands is an important aspect of circuit reliability.

We often come into contact with waterproof cable glands in our daily life. As we all know, the waterproof cable glands is an important element for connecting electrical appliances. When used, it is also a special type of plug. It has 12 types. The most worth remembering is the Russian military standard waterproof cable glands, the US military standard waterproof cable glands, the communication facility aviation socket and the self-developed special aviation socket. As you can imagine, the most important thing is that the waterproof cable glands has the function of connecting or breaking a circuit, which is similar to the function of an optical switch. In life, the correct use of waterproof cable glands is also very important.

Waterproof cable glands and aviation sockets are various power access ports and are widely used. All removable appliances need to be powered by sockets and plugs. There are many types of electrical plugs and sockets, such as single-phase two-pin, single-phase three-pin and three-phase four-pin safety plugs and sockets.

The waterproof cable glands is a relatively advanced electrical connector product, and its materials and production methods are based on advanced technology at home and abroad. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and has a bayonet-style outer groove connection. It has the advantages of small size, light weight and convenient use.

The withstand voltage of the waterproof cable glands refers to the relationship between the insulating part or the contact pair between the insulating part and the ground. Especially important in special applications such as aerospace, railway and road transportation, it is an important indicator to verify the reliability of waterproof cable glands, connector structure and electrical contact. The waterproof strength or withstand voltage dielectric withstand voltage of a waterproof cable glands is the ability to characterize the rated test voltage between the contacts of a cable glands or between the contacts and the housing.

The powerful aviation socket is on the flame resistant side, the aviation socket is a unique giant insulation material! Of course, its mechanical parameters are also essential. It has a long mechanical life and has an irresistible effect on the impact force. Of course, such a powerful aviation socket is also very powerful.

When the waterproof cable glands works in an environment containing moisture and salt, the metal structural parts and surface treatment layer of the contact part may cause galvanic corrosion and affect the physical and electrical performance of the cable glands. Low frequency waterproof cable glands, only magnetic materials can significantly shield the magnetic field. At this time, there are certain regulations on the electrical continuity of the metal casing, and the waterproof cable glands is also the contact resistance of the casing. It refers to the process of applying a voltage to the insulating part of a cable gland to assume a resistance value.

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