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New type anti-electromagnetic EMC waterproof cable gland

Aug 25, 2022

New type anti-electromagnetic EMC waterproof cable gland


Traditional EMC cable glands are not suitable for permanent use in electric commercial vehicles and mobile machines. To meet this need, Bolun has developed an innovative and particularly reliable cable gland for high-voltage vehicle electrical systems with high current-carrying capacity and high shielding efficiency.


As safety-relevant components, cable glands for high-voltage cables in electric commercial vehicles, construction equipment and agricultural machinery must have outstanding reliability. However, conventional cable glands with EMC shielding clips originally developed for automation technology applications are often not suitable for the harsh operating conditions that typically occur. As a result, their use can have consequences such as insufficient EMC shielding, loss of sealing performance, short circuits and even vehicle fires.


Easy pre-assembled connection solutions


With the newly developed EMC cable glands, bolun presents a particularly reliable, robust and high-performance connection solution for high-voltage cables in electric vehicle applications.


This solution is specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of electric commercial vehicles and mobile machines. It enables faster cable assembly work for vehicle series manufacture, as the cable glands can be reliably pre-assembled with push-on connections in just a few well-defined steps. The cable shield is fully crimped between the support ring and the contact sleeve, preventing the shield wire from protruding and shorting out the power electronics. And thanks to its "pluggable" design, it further saves time during vehicle installation.


Fully crimped cable shields on all sides


For crimping jobs, bolun has developed a convenient cordless tool for crimping using patent-pending technology. The tool comes with the accessories needed to provide a firm all-round grip on the cable shield and cable jacket to the EMC shield contact sleeve in seconds. Thus, the crimped cable shield is protected from abrasion even under the harshest operating conditions.


High shielding effectiveness


Due to the decoupling of the sealing function from the shielding contacts, the influence of temperature and vibration on the shielding effectiveness or current-carrying capacity is avoided. The robust connection solutions are designed with protection class IP 68 or IP 6K9K and can reliably withstand temperatures from -40 °C to +140 °C. It achieves a high current-carrying capability of up to 195 A and provides a shielding effect of at least 86 dB in the frequency range from 30 to 300 MHz. Metal parts made of RoHS-compliant lead-free brass are fully equivalent to conventional brass connections in terms of mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and electromagnetic compatibility.

What is EMC cable gland?

An EMC cable gland is an electromagnetically compatible cable gland that enables a device or system to operate in its electromagnetic environment without causing unacceptable electromagnetic interference to any equipment in its environment.

Features of our EMC cable glands:

  Reliable connection and excellent sealing

  Ideal for dust, corrosion, liquid and moisture resistance

  EMI/RFI shielding and conductive functions ensure that the cable is permanently   operating in a normal state

  IP68 protection class

  Operating temperature from -40℃ to 120℃

Bolun cable gland produce the size:

  PG7 EMC cable gland

  PG9 EMC cable gland

  PG11 EMC cable gland

  PG11.5 EMC cable gland

  PG16 EMC cable gland

  PG19 EMC cable gland

  PG21 EMC cable gland

  PG25 EMC cable gland

  PG29 EMC cable gland

  PG36 EMC cable gland

  PG42 EMC cable gland

  PG48 EMC cable gland

  PG63 EMC cable gland


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