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What is the impact of COVID-19 on the price of waterproof cable gland?

Aug 24, 2022

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the price of waterproof cable gland?


In view of the severe and complicated situation of epidemic prevention and control in Wenzhou, China, in order to resolutely block the transmission of the epidemic and effectively protect the health and safety of the people, the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the Novel COVID-19 Pneumonia Epidemic has adjusted the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures. The announcement is as follows:


1. From 18:00 on August 16,2022,  the frequency of normalized nucleic acid testing in our city has been adjusted from the original "test once every 5 days" to "once test every 72 hours", and 56 key groups of people will be tested for nucleic acid according to relevant requirements.

2. Strictly manage public places. For people entering various public places, it is necessary to implement temperature measurement, display the "Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Code", scan the "Place Code", and strictly verify the 72-hour nucleic acid test negative sign. From now on, all counties (cities, districts) with local positive infections will suspend business for 3 days for bars, KTVs, script killings, theaters, Internet cafes, gyms, chess and card rooms, bathing places and other entertainment venues in confined spaces. .

3. Strictly control gathering activities. In accordance with the principle of "non-essential, not to be held online, not offline", strictly control the number and scale of activities. Organizers of conferences with more than 50 people need to formulate epidemic prevention and control plans and strictly implement various prevention and control measures. In principle, the holding of large-scale conferences, exhibitions, cultural activities, sports events and other crowd gathering activities with more than 200 people will be suspended.


From the above, Bolun Cable gland knows that the prevention COVID-19 is very strict, it cause the brass cable gland price unstable.


1. Copper, also used in power and energy infrastructure, started 2022 at $4.42 a pound, peaking at $4.93 in March before falling 28% to trade at $3.67 a pound as of Aug. 12, down from January's The price is 17% lower. Gold Gaoqiang believes that much of this can be attributed to the return of many copper mines to full production after Covid.

2. Measures of the prevention COVID-19, Means unable to travel, unable to work, causing economic strain, low productivity, cause production costs rise.

3. currency devaluation, inflation


So brass cable gland Prices valid is only 10 days. Hope our customers can understand.

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