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What are armoured cable glands?

Aug 26, 2022

What are armoured cable glands?


Armoured cable glands are a special type of terminated cable glands that are designed for braided cables in hazardous areas.

Due to the armored wire and outer sheath, the diameter dimension of armored cable is larger than that of ordinary cable, so the dimension calculation in mm must take this factor into account.


Armored cable glands are usually made of stainless steel material or brass material to provide strain relief for the armored cable. This kind of metal material can ensure that the cable gland has anti-corrosion function, so as to ensure that the product can still work normally in the case of explosion-proof requirements.


Armoured cable gland kits ensure IP66 water resistance, such as PV shields, locknuts, grounding labels, which are important for outdoor applications. Thread types are metric, NPT, PG, etc., and cable diameters range from M20 to M110.


What is a armored cable gland used for?


Armored cable glands are used in underground systems, cable networks, power networks, outdoor and indoor applications and cable ducts. Armored cables can also be called power cables, power cables, armored cables, and booklet armored cables. Use copper wire to create perfect conductors for cores, including 2-, 3-, and 5-conductor SWA cables and more.


The primary function of armored cable gland is to act as a sealing and termination device to ensure the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures, including: Instrument enclosures.


Bolun cable gland is manufacturer for cable gland, nylon/plastic cable gland, metal cable gland, stainless steel cable gland, and accessories.


Armored cable glands main features:

   Nickel-plated stainless steel or brass to provide ground continuity for the cable armored

   Cable outer sheath waterproof seal

   Standard neoprene seals for operating temperatures -25°C to +60°C

   Cold shrink kits available for additional protection in corrosive Explosion-proof environments

   Available with NPT threads, PG threads, M threads

M16 cable gland

M20 cable gland

M25 cable gland

M32 cable gland

M40 cable gland

M50 cable gland

M63 cable gland

M75 cable gland

M85 cable gland

M90 cable gland

M100 cable gland

M110 cable gland

NPT1/2 cable gland

NPT3/4 cable gland

NPT1 cable gland

NPT1 1/4 cable gland

NPT1 1/2 cable gland

NPT2 cable gland

NPT3 cable gland

NPT4 cable gland

G1/2 cable gland

G3/4 cable gland

G1 cable gland

G1 1/4 cable gland

G1 1/2 cable gland

G2 cable gland

G3 cable gland

G4 cable gland

PG7 cable gland

PG9 cable gland

PG11 cable gland

PG13.5 cable gland

PG16 cable gland

PG21 cable gland

PG29 cable gland

PG36 cable gland

PG42 cable gland

PG48 cable gland

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