Single seal armored packing cable joint( explosion-proof ,sealing clamping)

Product features

Explosion-proof marks:Ex d IIC Gb / Ex e II Gb IP66

Flame retardant grade: VO (UL94). 

Cable using packing seal; 

Has a quick, safe and reliable installation, good protective performance; 

Suitable for clamping and fixing all kinds of arm cables. 

Environmental situations: 1 zone and 2 zone IA - IIC type explosive gas environment, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, warehouse, food, pharmaceutical, military industry and so on electric cable into use.


MNPTGɸBThread lengthL

M40*1.5NPT1 1/4G1 1/42719~331972
M50*1.5NPT1 1/2G1 1/23124~411973
M75*1.5NPT2 1/2G2 1/25538~642175
M110*1.5NPT4G4 9062~1032679

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