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What is the advantages of Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland?

Aug 15, 2022

Nickel-plated brass is ordinary brass covered with a thin layer of nickel by electroplating.

This metal is prized for its suitability for a large number of applications.

Therefore, it has the following advantages when applied to cable gland.


1. Brass cable glands have higher anti-corrosion function and does not rust.

Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland’s greatest advantage is that it will not corrode or rust in places with corrosive water properties, or in harsh water pH conditions.

2. Brass cable glands have perfect explosion proof function.

Explosion-proof brass cable glands are primarily used to increase safety in hazardous environments.

Explosion-proof brass cable glands are also used in underground mining.

They are used to increase the safety of excavation and drilling operations.

3. Brass cable glands price is much cheaper than stainless steel cable glands.

Brass cable glands are ideal for hot and cold residential or industrial systems.

It's also great for use in a variety of marine environments, such as sweaters and salt water with moderate currents.

Nickel-plated cable glands also perform well in low temperature applications.

This makes them the perfect replacement for 300 series stainless steel in other environments.

Additionally, brass cable glands can handle exposure to milk alkaline solutions.

It has good strength and covers the tensile strength of a12L14 mild steel.

Doing so avoids the expensive cost of stainless steel cable glands.

4. Brass cable glands have longer life than nylon cable glands

Brass cable glands hold up well for a long time without breaking down or cracking.

Brass cable glands also provides optimum and superior performance in hot environments.

Brass cable connectors are used in industrial and residential telecommunications for their versatility.

Brass cable glands has remained in good shape for decades.

Brass cable glands are a great option if you have a telecom project that must have a long case life.

5. Brass cable glands are widely used

You'll find different brass cable glands that allow you to change the size of the cable gland. Such as M20, M32,,,,PG11, PG16,,,

Brass cable glands are also available for unarmoured and armoured cables, also divided into single compression and double compression.


Cable glands made of this material are highly sought after due to:

   Corrosion resistance

   Thermal Conductivity


   Abrasion resistance


   High hardness



Nickel-plated brass cable glands are an excellent material for your sealing projects.

It will give you years of dependable, dependable service without the risk of high temperatures or corrosion.

It will also give you great accessories to get the job done.

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