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How do I choose a cable gland size?

Sep 01, 2022

How do I choose a cable gland size?

The size of the cable gland is based on the size of the cable diameter. For example, if your cable bundle diameter is 50mm means you should only choose 50MM cable glands.


What is cable glands?

Cable glands are designed to secure and seal cable ends to equipment. They are used as terminating devices, they protect and maintain the properties of the enclosure into which the cable enters. Certain types of cable glands also prevent flammable gases from entering equipment enclosures for electrical equipment in hazardous areas. Cable glands are also known as mechanical cable entries. They are used in many industries such as power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications. Cable glands are made of various plastics, steel, brass or aluminium for industrial use.


Before choosing a cable gland, we need to first determine the requirements for the termination end. Therefore, the standard ratings and protection required for the connection should be determined.


The following steps can help you understand the requirements prior to cable gland selection:


Identify the type, construction and material properties of the cable. (Armored or unarmored, single or multi-strand, etc.)


If the cable is armored, first confirm the following:


a) Determine the type, size and material of the cable armor.

b) Check the short-circuit fault current rating of the cable armor.

c) Measure the diameter of the inner layer.

d) Measure the diameter of the lead sheet.

e) Check the actual size of the total cable diameter.

f) Determine environmental conditions and requirements, such as protection against ingress of water, dust or gas.

g) When using metal cable glands, the material of the supporting electrical equipment should be considered to eliminate dissimilar metal joints.

h) Consider whether any protective coating is required for the cable gland.

i) Identify the type and size of entry holes for the associated electrical equipment.

j) Check the degree of protection or field standard of electrical equipment.

k) Confirm the type of cable gland required for the application (single/double seal, material used, etc.)

l) Check if the IP66 (or IP67/IP68) condition requires an inlet thread seal.

m) Determine other fixing accessories required, such as locknuts, ground lugs, shrouds, etc.


Following the steps above, we can determine the correct cable glands and accessories needed for an effective connection.

Connector selection in the cable connector dimension table:


Now let's see how to choose a cable gland from the cable gland size table. We have a standard cable gland size chart as shown. Cable gland dimensions are based on nominal dimensions of overall diameter, armor diameter and cable jacket thickness.


a) We have a table of cable gland dimensions in tabular form.

b) The value in the row represents the cable cross-sectional area (mm²), the value in the column represents the number of cores in the cable.

c) Now select the cable size you have from the values in the row.

d) Then find the number of cores in the cable from the column indicating them.

e) The corresponding cell or box corresponding to the above two values indicates the cable gland size applicable to the cable.

 Cable gland size chart

For example, for a 25mm² cable with 4 conductors, we get a cable gland size of 32 to use. Cable glands are available for a range of cable diameters, select a certain type of cable gland from the catalog or data sheet provided.


Bolun cable glands are usually supplied with necessary cable accessories such as locknuts, grounding labels, shrouds, etc. All our products conform to international and national standards. These certifications ensure that the cable glands are efficient and meet all mechanical, electrical and safety requirements.

Bolun cable gland produce the size:

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PG63 cable gland


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